Study program “Measurement technology”

Based on the frame agreement with Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (FEI STU), the Institute of Measurement Science as an external educational institution participates on the PhD study program „Measurement technology” that is incorporated in the PhD study field “Electrical and Electronics Engineering” since 2020.

Basic information

  • Guarantee of the study at FEI STU: Prof. Ing. René Harťanský, PhD.
  • Guarantee of the study in the IMS SAS: Prof. Ing. Alexander Šatka, PhD.
  • Forms of the study: full-time 3 years, external 4 years
  • Obtained degree: PhD (Philosophiae Doctor), received from the cooperating University;
  • Language of the study: Slovak/English

The study in combined Slovak/English language is without tuition fee, full-time student receives from the Institute stipendium 1025.50 € per month, and 1194.00 € after the dissertation exam.

Information on actual topics for the study can be found in section Dissertation topics. To obtain additional information on selected topic it is recommended to contact the advisor by email before submitting the application.

Information on current admission procedures for the PhD study are in the section Admission procedures.

Information on the seminars of current PhD students are in section Seminars, information on PhD thesis defenses is published in section News.

Detailed information about the admisson procedures, required documents and the study itself can be found on the webpage  of FEI STU in Bratislava in section Doctoral degrees studies.