Research focus of Department of Optoelectronic Measuring Methods

The research in the Department of Optoelectronic Measuring Methods is aimed to the development of modern optical measuring methods with application of electronics and computer signal processing.

Overview of the major research domains:

  • infrared thermometry and thermography aimed at the problems of contactless temperature measurement, temperature fields visualization and development of diagnostic methods of subsurface defects exposure,
  • non-destructive testing methods, active infrared thermography, X-ray computed microtomography,
  • research and development of the electronic system for spatial parameters measurement of external beams of particles of Nuklotron accelerator in Dubna,
  • optoelectronic methods of vertical axis drift measurement of large-scale objects used for spatial stability monitoring of nuclear power stations,
  • optical frequency stabilisation of diode lasers by saturated absorption method aimed at the development of portable length etalon,
  • infrared reflectography and its use in non-destructive testing (e.g. of artistic works – historic paintings).