Jozef Klembara

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Publications in 2023:
  • KLEMBARA, Jozef** – BERMAN, D.S. – HENRICI, A.C. – MARTENS, T. – HAIN, Miroslav. Reconstruction of the skull and description of new anatomical features of Diadectes absitus (Diadectidae, Diadectomorpha) from the early Permian of central Germany. In Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2022, vol. 113, no. 3, p. 267-278. (2021: 1.750 – IF, Q3 – JCR, 0.546 – SJR, Q2 – SJR). ISSN 1755-6910. Dostupné na: (VEGA č. 1/0228/19 : Origin of amniotes: Identification of key structures of the most-basal amniotes using computed microtomography. APVV-14-0719 : Physical non-destructive methods for complex testing and analysis of cultural heritage artefacts) Typ: