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ETMP – Development and realisation of the standard of the static magnetic field based on a magnetic resonance
Vývoj a realizácia etalónu statického magnetického poľa na báze magnetickej rezonancie
Program: SRDA
Duration: 1.7.2020 – 30.6.2023
Project leader: Ing. Andris Peter, PhD.
Annotation: The main aim of the present project is the design of advanced NMR measurement methods using the most advanced range of systems (with a low magnetic field 0.05, 0.2, Tesla) for the development and implementation of standard static magnetic field on a magnetic resonance. This standard would be the basic calibration device fortesting and calibration of the equipments that measure or generate magnetic field.The use of it would be in the Slovak Republic.Orientation research on:- theoretical and experimental research methods for the measurement and mapping of static magnetic fields,- standardizing the measurement metrology protocols,- mapping the intensity of the vibrations generated by the measuring system and modeling of their layouts fordifferent measuring MRI sequences,- spectral analysis of disturbing signals, identification of dominant frequencies and evaluation of their effects on the accuracy and stability of the magnetic standard.
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