Miroslav Hain

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CT modeling and morphological analysis of the postcranial region of extinct and current lizards and their relatedness based on new morphological data
CT modelovanie a morfologická analýza postkraniálneho regiónu vyhynutých i súčasných jašterov a ich príbuznosť založená na nových morfologických dátach
Program: VEGA
Duration: 1.1.2021 – 31.12.2023
Project leader: RNDr. Hain Miroslav, PhD.
Annotation: The cranio-cervical and brachial regions, together with the limbs, are not only really important, but all their partsform well-described modular units that can provide a model system for assessing interactiontheir individual functions, their development and phylogenetic history on the morphology of adults. Their understanding withusing a new approach that integrates detailed morphological analysis with modern computer methods(biomechanical simulations, 3D morphometry and iodine enhanced CT imaging of soft tissues, phylogeneticanalysis) is therefore crucial. Due to the different lifestyles and the extreme range of sizes and morphologiesbody, squamates provide an ideal model group for detailed integrated cranio-cervical studies,more or less complete loss or reduction of limbs and braids allow to examine the relationship between anatomy,functional morphology, phylogenetic position, lifestyle and development. The study will focus on today\’s,but also fossil lizards (eg from the Messel locality in Germany).