Awarding of the Jur Hronec Honorary Plaque by the Slovak Academy of Sciences

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Viktor Witkovský, CSc., the Director of the Institute of Measurement Science at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), received the Jur Hronec Honorary Plaque from Dr. Martin Venhart, the Vice-President of SAS for the 1st Scientific Section (Physical, Space, Earth, and Engineering Sciences). This prestigious award recognized Prof. Witkovský’s outstanding contributions to the field of mathematical sciences and was presented on the occasion of his milestone anniversary.

Dr. Martin Venhart, Vice-President of SAS, commended Prof. Witkovský for his remarkable work and emphasized the significance of such acknowledgments. “These occasions provide an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of exceptional scientists, whose dedication propels the institution into the future,” he remarked.

Prof. Witkovský earned his degree in probability and mathematical statistics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Comenius University in Bratislava. Subsequently, he joined the Institute of Measurement and Measurement Techniques at the Center of Electro-Physical Research of SAS, where he focused on parameter estimation and testing of statistical hypotheses within linear mixed models. Since 1993, he has been a scientific researcher in the Department of Theoretical Methods, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his scientific pursuits. Ing. Ján Maňka, CSc., Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Measurement Science of the SAS, lauded Prof. Witkovský’s research achievements during the ceremonial tribute. His work primarily revolves around the theory and applications of statistical models and computational methods in the fields of measurement, metrology, and biomedicine. Over the course of his career, Prof. Witkovský has also held various roles within the institute, including Head of the Department of Theoretical Methods (1998-2018), Scientific Secretary (1998-2006), Chairman of the Scientific Board (2005-2016), Deputy Director (2006-2018), and Director since 2019.

In addition to his contributions as a researcher, Prof. Witkovský has made significant contributions as an educator, having taught at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology, the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University, and the Academia Istropolitana Nova. His scholarly output includes three scientific monographs, one university textbook, four chapters in scientific monographs published by international publishers, 27 papers in indexed journals, and 39 scientific publications in journals registered in the WOS Core Collection or SCOPUS. Notably, his research has yielded efficient algorithms for parameter estimation and testing, with substantial applications in biomedicine, as well as technical sciences, economics, and other areas of applied research. Collaborating with international partners, Prof. Witkovský’s methods and algorithms have been employed in detecting and alleviating pain in patients.

Expressing his gratitude, Prof. Witkovský acknowledged the collective effort of the entire institute team, emphasizing their integral role in his scientific and leadership accomplishments. He extended his appreciation to the academy’s leadership, from whom he has received invaluable support, and last but not least, to his wife.