Memorandum of understanding between the IMS SAS and the University of Oxford

Memorandum of understanding between the Institute of Measurement Science of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University of Oxford in the field of research “Magnetic nanoparticles, their use as contrast agents and potential impact on metabolic imaging”. Magnetic nanoparticles are able to shorten the T2 relaxation time, which may be beneficial in suppressing blood supply signals contaminating measurements of cardiac tissue metabolism. However, their effects on cardiac tissue must be well known to allow compensation of these potential effects to avoid bias caused by the use of contrast agent. Thus, the primary goal of this collaboration is to explore the potential of using magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents for metabolic imaging and determine their impact on such measurements within a wide range of magnetic field strength. While high-field clinical and research MR scanners and ultra-high-field research systems are available in Oxford, low-field clinical and research systems are available in Bratislava, which enable the examination of a wide range of environments. The partners intend to work together for mutual benefit in magnetic resonance imaging. Both parties agreed to develop their cooperation mainly through: 1) facilitating the exchange of employees and students; 2) mutual hosting of employees and students as visitors to the department; 3) by exchanging relevant publications; 4) examining the possibilities of cooperation in research programs; 5) exchange of materials based on relevant agreements; 6) by inviting employees and students to relevant conferences. The contract entered into force on 14.10.2021 with validity until 13.10.2023.