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Institute of Measurement Science SAS Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)
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Institute of Measurement Science SAS

Institute of Measurement Science is a scientific institution of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Its activities encompass following basic domains of fundamental and applied research:

  • budova Measurement theory and mathematical- statistical methods for experimental results processing;
  • Systems for measuring of selected physical quantities;
  • Measuring systems for biomedicine, mathematical and computer modelling of bionic structures and processes, processing of biosignals;
  • Design of methods and measuring systems for non-standard problems of measurement in science and industry. Development and realization of unique measuring systems as materialized result of scientific research activity.

Since 2009 the Institute participated in several projects that allowed to exploit the support from the European Regional Development Fund. The Institute was a partner in projects CENTE, CENTE IICEKOMAT and CEKOMAT II. Currently it participates in projects:

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Center of Competence for New Materials, Advanced Technologies and Power Engineering,

University Research Park for Biomedicine oriented to building infrastructure and support the research in selected areas of biology, medicine and biomedical engineering.


Day of Open Doors 2017


Within the European Weak of Science and Technology an Open Doors Day will be organized on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 in the Institute of Measurement Science SAS in Bratislava. Detailed information on the event can be found in the Invitation (in Slovak). Additional information on the institute Infrastructure can be found on the wep page and can help you to select what would be most interesting for you.

Measurement Science Review (On-Line Journal)