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Rublík, František, Doc. RNDr. CSc.

Tel.: +421 2 591045 42, Room: 306a, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

doc. RNDr. František Rublík, CSc.

Information Page of SAS Employee

František Rublík, SAS

Education and employment

In 1970 he finished his study at the Faculty of Science of the Comenius University in Bratislava in the specialization mathematical statistics and probability theory, and became an employee of the Institute of Measurement Science in Bratislava. In 1973 he obtained the degree RNDr at the Comenius University in Bratislava in the specialization mathematical statistics and probability theory. The postgraduate study he carried out in the external form at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague and the degree CSc(PhD) he obtained in 1977.

Research interests

He deals with asymptotic properties of statistical tests, including the likelihood ratio test and his asymptotic optimality. His research includes also nonparametric methods and properties of spatial median. His published works include also the area of L-estimates, goodness-of-fit tests and analysis of principal components.

Selected publications

  • Rublík, F.: Estimates of the covariance matrix of vectors of U-statistics and confidence regions for vectors of Kendall's tau. Kybernetika 52 (2016), 280 - 293, (pdf file).
  • Rublík, F. and Somorčík, J.: On the Behrens-Fisher problem from the spatial median point of view. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 85 (2015), 3080 - 3091.
  • Rublík, F.: Neparametrické metódy. VEDA, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, Bratislava , 2011.
  • Rublík, F.: On testing hypotheses in the generalized Skillings-Mack random blocks setting. Kybernetika 47(2011), 657 - 677 (pdf file 303.65 Kb).
  • Rublík, F. and Somorčík, J.: Affine-equivariant spatial median and its use in the multivariate multisample location problem. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics. 53(2), 2011, 197 - 215.
  • Rublík, F.: A note on simultaneous confidence intervals for ratios of variances. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 39(2010), 6, 1038 - 1045.
  • Bajla, I., Rublík, F., Arendacká, B., Farkaš, I., Hornišová, K., Štolc, S., Witkovský, V.: Segmentation and supervised classification of image objects in Epo doping-control. Machine Vision and Applications, 20 (2009), 243 - 259.
  • Hönschová, E. and Rublík, F.: On asymptotic linearity of L-estimates. Mathematica Slovaca 59(2009), 667 - 678 (pdf file 124.03 Kb).
  • Rublík, F.: A test of the hypothesis of partial common principal components. Mathematica Slovaca 59(2009), 579 - 592 (pdf file 422.11 Kb).
  • Rublík, F.: Critical values for testing location-scale hypothesis. Measurement Science Review 9(2009), Section 1, 9 - 15 (pdf file 74.56 Kb).
  • Rublík, F.: Asymptotic local power of the LR test for some homogeneity hypotheses on normal distribution. Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications 39(2008), Editors A. Pázman, J. Volaufová, V. Witkovský, pp. 205 - 213 (pdf file 164.94 Kb).
  • Rublik, F.: On the discriminant analysis in the 2-populations case. Measurement Science Review 8(2008), Section 1, 50 - 52 (pdf file 133.93 Kb).
  • Rublík, F.: On the asymptotic efficiency of the multisample location-scale rank tests and their adjustment for ties. Kybernetika 43(2007), 279 - 306 (pdf file 900.60 Kb).
  • Rublík, F.: The multisample version of the Lepage test. Kybernetika, 41 (2005), 713-733. (pdf file 2.36 Mb)
  • Rublík, F.: Tests of some hypotheses on characteristic roots of covariance matrices not requiring normality assumptions. Kybernetika 37(2001), 61-78 (ps file 270kb).
  • Rublík, F.: A quantile goodness-of-fit test for Cauchy distribution based on extreme order statistics. Applications of Mathematics 46(2001), 339-351 (ps file 202kb).
  • Rublík F.: On consistency of the maximum likelihood principle based tests and estimates in the case of exponential-like distributions. Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications 22(2001), Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics - Dedicated to Lubomír Kubáček, pp. 115 - 141 (ps file 282 kb).
  • Rublík F.: On performance of multiple comparison methods used in conjunction with the Kruskal-Wallis test. Proceedings. 3rd International Conference on Measurement, Smolenice 2001, pp. 36 - 40.
  • Rublík, F.: Asymptotic distribution of the likelihood ratio test statistic in the multisample case, Mathematica Slovaca 49(1999), 577-598 (pdf file 215.85 Kb).
  • Rublík, F.: A goodness-of-fit test for Cauchy distribution. Probastat '98, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Mathematical Statistics, Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications 17(1999), 71-81.
  • Rublík, F.: A quantile goodness-of-fit test applicable to distributions with non-differentiable densities. Kybernetika 33(1997), 505-524 (ps file 232 kb )
  • Rublík, F.: A large deviation theorem for the q-sample likelihood ratio statistic. The Annals of Statistics 24(1996), 2280-2287.
  • Rublík, F.: On d-optimality of the LR tests. Kybernetika 31(1995), 189 - 206 (ps file 271 kb).
  • Rublík, F.: On consistency of the MLE. Kybernetika 31(1995), 45 - 64 (ps file 278 kb).
  • Rublík, F.: Some tests on exponential populations. Probastat'94, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Mathematical Statistics, Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications 7(1996), 229 - 235.
  • Rublík, F.: On Hodges-Lehmann optimality of LR tests. Kybernetika 30(1994), 199 - 210 (ps file 189 kb).
  • Rublík, F. and Bognárová, M.: Tables for a statistical quality control test. Applications of Mathematics 37(1992), 459 - 468.
  • Rublík, F.: Testing a tolerance hypothesis by means of an information distance. Aplikace matematiky 35(1990), 458 - 470.
  • Rublík, F.: On optimality of the LR tests in the sense of exact slopes. Part I. General case. Kybernetika 25(1989), 13 - 25 (ps file 197 kb).
  • Rublík, F.: On optimality of the LR tests in the sense of exact slopes. Part II. Application to individual distributions. Kybernetika 25(1989), 117 - 135 (ps file 276 kb).
  • Rublík, F.: On testing hypotheses approximable by cones. Mathematica Slovaca 39(1989), 199 - 213.
  • Rublík, F.: A note on the weak convergence of probability measures on C(K,L). Mathematica Slovaca 33(1983), 133 - 139.
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