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Švehlíková, Jana, Ing., PhD.

Tel.: +421 2 591045 56, Room: 506, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Information Page of SAS Employee

Jana Švehlíková, SAS


Professional history:

  • 1986 -  MS in biocybernetics from Faculty of Electrical Engineering Slovak Technical University, Bratislava.
  • Since 1986 she has been working in Institute of Measurement Science Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dept. of Biomeasurements.
  • • 2011 – PhD in Measurement technique (2006-2011)

  Research interests: 

  • modelling of electrical activity of the heart, forward and inverse problem in electrocardiography
  • real-time biosignals measurements in OS Windows
  • programming in Visual C++, MATLAB

Selected publications:

  • SVEHLIKOVA, Jana - ZELINKA, Jan - BACHAROVA, Ljuba - TYSLER, Milan. Modeling and visualization of the activation wavefront propagation to improve understanding the QRS complex changes indicationg left ventricular hypertrophy. Journal of ELectrocardiology, 2016, vol. 49, p.755-762. ISSN 0022-0738
  • ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ, Jana - TEPLAN, Michal - TYŠLER, Milan. Noninvasive identification of two lesions with local repolarization changes using two dipoles in inverse solution simulation study. In Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2015, vol. 57, p. 96-102. ISSN 0010-4825.
  • SVEHLIKOVA J. – POTSE M. – TYSLER M.: Inverse Localization of the Latest-Activated Areas in the Ventricles from Body Surface potential Maps. In Computing in Cardiology 2014; 41:129-132 (ISSN 2325-8861).
  • TYSLER, Milan – SVEHLIKOVA Jana. Noninvasive finding of local repolarization changes in the heart using dipole models and simplified torso geometry. J. of Electrocardiology, 2013, vol. 46, p.284-288, ISSN (printed): 0022-0736. ISSN (electronic): 1532-8430.
  • ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ, J. – LENKOVÁ, J. – TURZOVÁ, M. – TYŠLER, M. – KANIA, M. – MANIEWSKI, R.: Influence of individual torso geometry on inverse solution to two dipoles. Journal of Electrocardiology, 2012, vol.45(1): 7-12.
  • ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ, Jana – LENKOVÁ, Jana – DRKOŠOVÁ, A. – FOLTÍN, Miroslav – TYŠLER, Milan. ECG based assessment of the heart position in standard torso model. In IFMBE Proceedings, 2012, vol. 37, p. 474-477. ISSN 1680-0737. (INSPEC)
  • ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ J., KANIA M., TURZOVÁ M., HEBLÁKOVÁ E., TYŠLER M., MANIEWSKI R.: Identification of Ischemic Lesions Based on Difference Integral Maps, Comparison of Several ECG Intervals. Measurement Science Review, Vol. 9, No. 5, 2009, 117-121. ISSN 1335 – 8871 www.measurement.sk/2009/S1/p.html#No._5 
  • ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ J.  - TYŠLER M. - TURZOVÁ M. - HEBLÁKOVÁ E.: Identification of local repolarization changes in the heart by an inverse solution with two dipoles. Submitted for Proceedings of XXXV. International Congress on Electrocardiology "Electrocardiology 2008" full_text_ice08
  • ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ J.  - TYŠLER M. - TURZOVÁ M.: Multiple dipole heart model and its projection to the body surface potential map. Submitted for Lecture notes of ICB seminars, Warszawa, Poland, 2007 full_text_icb07
  • HEBLÁKOVÁ E. - ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ J. - TURZOVÁ M. - TYŠLER M.: Method for Noninvasive Detection of Ischemic Regions, Applicability and Limitations. Lékař a technika, 2006, Vol.36(2), 245-249. ISSN 0301-5491.
  • TYŠLER, M. - TURZOVÁ, M. - ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ, J. - HEBLÁKOVÁ, E.: Noninvasive identification of ischemic lesions in the heart. Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2005, 4, 3, 124-127
  • TYŠLER, M. - TURZOVÁ, M. - ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ, J.: Modeling of heart repolarization using realistic action potentials. Measurement Science Review, 3, 2003, 37-40
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