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ProCardio 7 - device for multichannel measurement and analysis of the cardiac electric field

ProCardio 7 mapping system was developed in the Institute of Measurement Science SAS and is intended for multichannel ECG measurement and topographical representation of the cardiac electric field on the body surface used for diagnostics of cardiac diseases. It can be used e.g. for the estimation of the location and size of a myocardial infarction, for monitoring the patients after MI or for pre-operative estimation of the site of arrhythmogenis tissue ablation. Several systems in different modifications are being used in resrach and clinical laboratories in Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Russia. Currently, a new generation of the system - ProCardio 8 is being developed.

cardio7_devNumber of measured ECG channels:

  • 6+128 (modular in blocks of 16)

Parameters of the measuring unit:

  • Programmable amplification 1000 to 8000
  • Selectable frequency response 0.05 to 100, 250, 500 or 1000 Hz
  • Input impedance 107 Ohm 
  • A/D conversion 12 bit, 6μs/ channel

Connection to PC:

  • Fast parallel port IEEE 1284 (ECP mode)

Power supply:

  • Line 230V/50 Hz or battery powered

ProCardio 7 functions:

  • ECG and VCG measurement - The device enables simultaneous measurement of up to 134 ECG leads using sampling period of 1, 2 or 4 ms, selected frequency response and with amplifcation set individually for each lead.  During application of electrodes, quality of the electrode contacts is automatically checked. During the measurement, recorded signals are monitored on the PC display.
  • ECG processing and analysis - Automated and interactive ECG processing includes baseline correction, digital filtering and identification of ECG vawes. ECG signals can be displayed in several modes and formats.
  • Body surface potential mapping - The device computed instantaneous potential maps that can be displayed and printed black&white or in color in several formats. Map animation on the display is also possible.
  • Isointegral mapping - Values for integral maps are computed as integrals od ECG potentials in mapped points over selected time interval. The maps can be diplayed or printed in several formats.
  • Departure integral mapping - Enables to compute and display departure integral maps as departures from predefined templates (mean integral maps) of groups of probants. 
  • Izochronal mapping - Is intended for investigation of the dynamics of selected events (e.g. reaching of defined threshold value) or intervals between events (e.g. duration of the myocardium depolarization and repolarization) 

Examples of system outputs


Application of ECG electrodes


Multichannel ECG recording


Interactive ECG processing


VCG processing and displaying


Body surface potential mapping


Body surface potential mapping


Body surface integral mapping


Departure integral mapping


Izochronal mapping

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