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Maòka, Ján, Ing. CSc.

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Information Page of SAS Employee

Ján Maòka, SAS


  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, 1984, Ing. (diploma thesis: "Sensor of weak magnetic field with DC SQUID.")
  • Institute of Measurement Science SAS, 1998, CSc.
    (dissertation thesis: "Selected problems in Application of SQUID Magnetometric Systems in Measurement of Weak Magnetic Fields")
  • Scientific qualification degree IIa - Independent Scientific Worker, 2001


Institute of Measurement Science since 1st October 1984 (except one year of military service).

Currently head of Department of Magnetometry and scientific secretary of the institute.

Study stays:

  • USSR (Institut kybernetiky, Kyjev),
  • GDR (FSU Jena, 2x),
  • Austria (Johannes Kepler University Linz, 2x),
  • Belgium (Ghent University, 9x).

Most important results:

During the whole time, he worked at the department dealing with the systems for measurement of weak magnetic fields by using macroscopic quantum effects. In years 1984 - 1990, he participated on the design of variants of the complex for measurement of biomagnetic fields that resulted into the version BIOMAGNETOGRAF BM-89. His work was concentrated on the design of large-scale system for generation of auxiliary magnetic fields, on crosstalk problems in multichannel gradiometric systems and on investigation of noise properties of magnetometers with external negative feedback. He also participated on the design of cryogenic systems and experiments.

Since 1991, the most part of his research activities was in following fields:

  • measurement of magnetic contamination of laboratory animals, later of humans,
  • utilization of low-temperature SQUID systems for the research of high-temperature superconductors,
  • program accessories for the interconnection of existing analog measurement technique and computer,
  • utilization of SQUID systems for the measurement of particle beams properties in superconducting accelerators.

Currently, he is principal investigator of the project VEGA 2/0160/10 "Application of SQUID magnetometry and magnetic resonance in evaluation of efficiency of the gene therapy".


Publications and citations

Publications: 138 (26 of them in CC database)

list of selected publications (PDF document)



  • WOS: 19
  • SCOPUS:3
  • other: 11

list of all citations (PDF document)

PhD. study supervising:

2 PhD. students

Measurement Science Review (On-Line Journal)
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