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Bartl, Ján, RNDr. Ing. CSc.

Tel.: +421 2 591045 16, Room: 106, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

RNDr. Ing. Ján Bartl CSc.

Information Page of SAS Employee

Ján Bartl, SAS


  • Faculty of Natural Sciences UK, Bratislava 1962, RNDr.
  • Institute of Measurement Theory SAS, Bratislava 1969, CSc.
  • Electrotechnical Faculty SVŠT, Bratislava 1976, Ing.
  • Assessor Training Course, NAMAS England 1995
  • Quality Assurance Systems for Calibration Laboratories, Witteveen-Bos & NMi Netherlands (2000)

Working places:

  • Institute of Theory of Measurement SAS 1962-95, (Head of the Laboratory of sensors 1982-1995),
  • Slovak Institute of Metrology 1995-2001, (Director of Centre of length and time),
  • Institute of Measurement Science SAS from 1.4. 2001 until now (Senior science worker)

Foreign stay:

USSR, Institut avtomatiky i elektrometrii SO AN, Novosibirsk 1970

Main results:

Realization of 24 original instruments for mechanical engineering (measuring of length, shape and dimension), health service and hydrometeorology. Dr. Bartl as the physicist-optician has significantly contributed to the development of interferometry, diffraction, moiré and infrared-radiometric methods at the Institute of Measurement Science SAV. It has issued in solution of some projects: GAV 2/356/93, VEGA 2/1036/96, VEGA 2/4049/97, ŠO-07/95 LITHO-JET, VEGA 2/077/01, VEGA 2/1133/03 a VEGA 2/3180/05, APVT-51-012102 and EU project COST G8 "Non-destructive analysis and testing of museum objects". He has significantly influenced the orientation of the Department of optoelectronic measuring methods of Institute of Measurement Science SAV to the research of frequency stabilization of laser radiation methods for national length standard..

Publications in journals, monographs, patents, citations, responses

Publications in journals: 111 (selection):

  • BARTL, J.- BARANEK, M.: Emissivity of aluminium and its importance for radiometric measurement. Measurement Science Review, 4, Section 3, 2004, p.31-36, (pdf 370KB)
  • BARTL, J.- FIRA, R.: Laser-interferometric device for calibration of ring gauges. Optica Applicata, 23, 2003, No. 2-3, pp 403-409
  • BARTL, J.- FIRA, R.- JACKO, V.: Tuning of the laser diode. Measurement Science Review, 2, Section 3, 2002, p.9-15, (pdf 351KB)
  • BARTL, J.: Preparation of depth setting standards of type A1 at the Slovak Institute of Metrologia, 39, 2002, 4, s.355-360.
  • BARTL, J.: Interferometer for the measurement of defects on ball bearings. Review of Scientifie Instruments 67,1996 No2, p.558-563

Publications in proceedings: 128, Monographs: 2, Patents: 18, Citations WOS: 88, Scopus: 39, Other Citations-Responses: 52

Scientific education

8 PhD students

Membership in scientific organizations:

  • Member of committee of CS division The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE),
  • Member of supervising council of Czech and Slovak Society for photonics (CSSF),
  • Member of European Optical Society - EOS,
  • Member of Slovak metrological society (Chairman of supervising council).
  • Member of Scientific Board for Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Remarkable awards:

  • Inventor ČSSR, Office of managing committee Slovak Academy of Sciences (ÚP SAV) 1981,
  • Silver medal of Aurel Stodola, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) 1990,
  • Silver medal of Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS) 2003,
  • Gold medal of Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS) (2011)
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