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Selected Application Results
  • The use of X-ray microtomography to visualize microstructures in natural sciences and material research
  • The use of optical methods in nondestructive testing of historical works

Result 1: The use of X-ray microtomography to visualize microstructures in natural sciences and material researc


Projects: VEGA 2/0126/13
Authors: M. Hain, J. Bartl, V. Jacko, R. Ševčík, K. Karovič


Within the application of the results of the project VEGA "New advanced methods of measurement and non-destructive testing of materials: X-ray microtomography and active infrared thermography" the optimized microtomographic methodology for three-dimensional visualization of internal microstructures of selected objects and materials were designed and applied. Measurement conditions were optimized for specific objects, e.g. selection of optimized accelerator voltage, current, time accumulation signal on the detector, the number of repetitions, relaxation time, material targets and the number of X-ray projections. In the processing and visualization of results microtomographic measurement methodologies were developed 3D visualization of microstructures with the application of methods for filtering data, rendering and image segmentation.

Applicator: The results were applied in cooperation with Ing. Pavol Kováč. from IEE SAS in microtomography analysis of longitudinal inhomogenities of superconductors based on MgB2, and in cooperation with Doc. RNDr. Jozef Klembara, DrSc. at the comparative anatomical study of the genus Anguinae.


Fig. 1: Microtomography visualization of the lower jaw bone and dental bone of six representatives of the genus Anguinae (after digital processing and image segmentation, voxel resolution of 10 microns).





























 Fig. 2: Microtomography analysis of superconductor MgB2 (after digital processing and image segmentation, voxel resolution 3 microns).




1.   KLEMBARA, J. - HAIN Miroslav - DOBIAŠOVÁ, K. Comparative Anatomy of the Lower Jaw and Dentition of Pseudopus apodus and the Interrelationships of Species of Subfamily Anguinae (Anguimorpha, Anguidae). The Anatomical Record. (In press).

2.   HUŠEK, I. - KOVÁČ, P. - ROSOVÁ, A. - MELIŠEK, T. - PACHLA, W. - HAIN, Miroslav. Advanced MgB2 wire made by internal magnesium diffusion process. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (In press).


Result 2: The use of optical methods in nondestructive testing of historical works


Project: COST TD1201
Authors: M. Hain, J. Bartl, V. Jacko


Optical methods developed within the scientific activities of the Department of optoelectronic measuring methods and in the European project COST "Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage" has been used in cooperation with art historians - doc. Dr. Ingrid Ciulisova, PhD. for non-destructive testing of gothic altar panel paintings from Spišská Kapitula. Optical non-destructive method for visualisation of underdrawing - infrared reflectography was applied and optical non-destructive method for the visualisation of later interventions in the work of art e.g. overpainting and retouching - ultraviolet fluorescence was used.


Result applicator: Art historians, restorers chamber



Fig. 1: Visualisation of underdrawings and the later interventions in gothic altar panel painting by method of infrared reflectography and ultraviolet fluorescence

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