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Selected Application Results
  • Visualisation of microstructures by X-ray microtomography methods
  • The use of infrared reflectography in nondestructive testing of historical artefacts

Result 1: Visualisation of microstructures by X-ray microtomography methods

Projects: -
Authors: M. Hain, J. Bartl,  R. Ševčík, V. Jacko


In the frame of the project „Progressive methods of measurement and nondestructive testing - active infrared thermography and X-ray microtomography", the optimized methods of three-dimensional visualisation of internal microstructures of selected objects and materials were designed, developed and applied. Influence of acceleration voltage and influence of the selected material of the target on the spectrum of X-ray radiation and influence of the spectrum on the contrast of X-ray projections was analysed. In the field of data processing and visualisation of microtomographic measurements results the methods of 3D visualisation of microstructures and image segmentation were developed.Results can be used for optimization of X-ray microtomographic methods of measurement and were exploited in various areas of science, research and industry, especially in microelectronics, material research, electronics, mechatronics, biology, mineralogy, geology and paleontology.



Aplicator: Geological institute SAS




Fig.1.  3D vizualizácia objektu



  • VRŠANSKÝ, P. - CHORVÁT, D. - FRITZSCHE, I. - HAIN, Miroslav - ŠEVČÍK, Robert. Light-mimicking cockroaches indicate Tertiary origin of recent terrestrial luminescence. In Naturwissenschaften (The Science of Nature), 2012, vol. 99, no. 9, p. 739-749. ISSN 0028-1042. (2.278-IF2011)



Result 2: The use of infrared reflectography in nondestructive testing of historical artefacts

Projects: -
Authors: M. Hain, J. Bartl, V. Jacko


The research results of the Department of optoelectronic measuring methods have been used in cooperation with the Chamber of Restorers, namely academic painter Veronika Gabčová to test the Gothic altar panel paintings from the 15-th century before being restored. It was applied optical non-destructive method for the visualisation of the underdrawings - infrared reflectography. By means of infrared reflectography, followed by digital image processing, were visualized underdrawings, by which a medieval painter outlined the basic composition of the painting. Visualisation of hidden underdrawings is particularly important for supervising art historian and restorer before starting the restoration of historical images, because based on the underdrawings they can form an idea of the original intention of the painter, image development and restoration interventions done in the past.


Applicator: restorer, academic painter Veronika Gabčová.






Fig.1. Visualisation of underdrawings of the gothic altar panel painting by the method of infrared reflectography with digital image processing

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