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Selected Results of International Scientific Projects
  • MRI diagnostics of tissues by using nanoparticles of contrast agents

Result 1: MRI diagnostics of tissues by using nanoparticles of contrast agents

Project: VEGA 2/5043/27

Investigators: I.Frollo, P. Szomolanyi, P. Andris, J. Přibil, V. Juráš, Z. Majdišová

A new original technique of visualisation of relaxing parameters of biological samples tissues has been developed and tested using contrast agents and imaging methods based on magnetic resonance. Magnetic nanoparticles based on mineral spinel and based on gadolinium and NMR imaging techniques with specific parameters designate them for imaging magnetic variations of examined tissue. The technique was tested on physical and electromagnetic phantoms to detect relaxing maps. Verification of the technique was performed on biological samples (in-vitro) as well as on patients. The new technique is forward for use in biological and medical sciences for diagnostics of cartilages for distribution of medicaments into selected tissue and for imaging biological samples in vitro (eg grafts of cartilages) with high resolution. The technique provides feedback in development of novel techniques of grafting and in therapy of post-traumatic injuries of human members. External partner: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Siegfried Trattnig, MR Center, Highfield MR, Department of Radiology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Agreement on scientific co-operation and educative stays signed on 28.8.2006.


Figure: Left – Electromagnetic phantom for testing imaging NMR sequences used for research of contrast agents. Right – Imaging graft of cartilage sharpened by a contrast agent. Arrows pointing to borders of the graft.


  • FROLLO, I. - ANDRIS, P. - PŘIBIL, J. - JURÁŠ, V. Indirect susceptibility mapping of thin-layer samples using nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. In IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 43, no. 8, (2007), p. 3363-3367.
  • TRATTNIG, S. - MARLOVITS, S. - GEBETSROITHER, S. - SZOMOLANYI, P. - WELSCH, G.H. - SALOMONOWITZ, E. -WATANABE, A. - DEIMLING, M. and MAMISCH, T.C. Three-dimensional delayed adolinium-enhanced MRI of cartilage (dGEMRIC) for in vivo evaluation, of reparative cartilage after matrix-associated, autologous, chondrocyte transplantation at 3.0 T: Preliminary results. In Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 26, (2007), p. 974–982.
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