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Selected Application Results
  • Laser measurement of geometric parameters of commutators

Laser measurement of geometric parameters of commutators

Investigators: M. Hain, V. Jacko, J. Bartl

Applicator: KOMUTEX, »R

In the frame of co-operation with the Czech company Mesing, which deals with development of the unique measuring devices for precision mechanical engineering, an optoelectronic measuring system for fast contactless measurement of selected geometrical parameters of electric motor commutator (e.g. width and angle position of segments and isolation gaps) was designed and developed.

The principle of measurement is based on detection of reflected and transient laser light from rotating body of commutator. Optical transitions between segments and gaps on a commutator are detected by means of photodetectors, which pick-up reflected and transient laser light. The angular position is measured by incremental rotating encoder and digitalised measured data are collected and evaluated by a personal computer. After evaluation of measured data, functional parameters of commutator under test are numerically and graphically presented on a computer screen.

In the course of the solving of this project with real application output the group of investigators from UM SAV has proposed and theoretically analysed measuring method, designed software, optics and electronics of the sensor. Investigators and design engineers from the company Mesing has designed and realised mechanical construction, moving parts and has ensured economical background of the project. Project was successfully finished with installation of the measuring device at the customer's place.

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