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Measurement 2007

The 6th international conference on measurement - MEASUREMENT 2007 was held in the Congress Center of SAS in the Smolenice castle on May 20 -24, 2007.

The conference was organized by the Institute of Measurement Science SAS in cooperation with Technical university in Vienna (Austria), Technical university Kielce (Poland), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic) and institutions from Slovakia: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU, Institute for Normalization, Metrology and Testing in Slovak Republic, Slovak Institute of Metrology, Slovak Metrological Society, Slovak National Committee U.R.S.I. Slovak National Committee IMEKO and under the auspices of international confederation IMEKO and its technical committees TC-1 and TC-13, and czech-slovak section of IEEE.

In the conference program participated 129 participants from Slovakia and another 17 countries (Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, Croatia, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Russia and Switzerland). The whole scale of information from basic research, applied research up to practical measuring methods applied in praxis was contained in the conference program. The conference was divided into sessions Theoretical Problems of Measurement, Measurement in Biomedicine and Measurement of Physical Quantities.  There were 49 papers, 1 invited plenary paper (Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. P. Herbert OSANNA, Technische Universität Wien) and 51 posters in the conference program.


Meas2007_procProceedings of the conference MEASUREMENT 2007: 6th International Conference on Measurement (451 pages, editors Ivan Frollo, Ján Maòka, Vladimír Juraš, ISBN 80-969672-0-9) were printed and  authors of best selected papers were invited to submit extended versions of their papers for publishing in international on-line scientific journal : Measurement Science Review.

The Conference became a tradition and fell into the important international activities in the field of  „Measurement Science". The aim of the Conference was to present the discipline of Measurement Science and to strenghten the role of the Institute of Measurement Science SAS in this field.

Measurement Science Review (On-Line Journal)