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Open Door Day


Open Doors Day will be organized on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in the Institute of Measurement Science SAS in Bratislava within the Week of Science and Technology. Detailed information on the event can be found in the invitation†(in Slovak). Additional information on Laboratories in the IMS SAS†(in Slovak) can help you to select what would be most interesting for you.


Open Doors Day Program:

Introducing the Institute and presentations of selected research topics

Place:†Seminar room on the 4th floor, from 9:00 to 10:00

†† 9:00 Institute of Measurement Science and its Research Activities†(Dr. Työler,†director of the Institute)

†† 9:20 Diagnostics of Heart Diseases using Computer Models (Dr.†Työler)

†† 9:40 Mathematic-statistical Methods for Evaluation of Measured Data (Dr. Witkovskż)


Excursions to selected laboratories, introduction of new technologies and examples of scientific results

Place:†laboratories according individual selection,†from 10:00 to 15:00,†excursions start every hour

† - Laboratory of X-ray†microtomography (room 002)

† - Laboratory of X-ray difractometry (room†003, lab of Inst. of Electrical Enigeering)

† - Laboratory of electron†microscopy (room†007a, lab of Inst. Materials and Machine Mechanics)

† -†FIB Laboratory for nanostructures preparation†(room†007b, lab of Inst. of Electrical Enigeering)

† - Laboratories of the National NMR Center (rooms.009 to 012)

† - Laboratory for measurement of weak magnetic fields†(external lab, departures from the institute entrance)

† - Laboratory of biomeasurements (room†506)

††- Laboratory of the department of theoretical methods (room 505)

Measurement Science Review (On-Line Journal)