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Home arrow News arrow Memorial plaquette of SAS for Andrej Kulišov
Memorial plaquette of SAS for Andrej Kulišov
October 8, 2009

Based on proposal of the management and Scientific Board of the Institute of Measurement Science SAS, Presidium of Slovak Academy of Sciences awarded Mr. Andrej Kulišov the Memmorial Plaquette of SAS. The Plaquette will be presented  to him on October 9, 2009 at his 50th anniversary by pre vicepresident od SAS Dr. Juraj Lapin. The event will be attended by delegates of the management of IMS SAS.

Since his job entering in the Institute in 1982, Mr. Andrej Kulišov proved to be an outstanding technician with high theoretical knowledge that allowed him to create many new original designs. He contributed to development and construction of many scientific instruments and special devices for different application areas such as length metrology, biomedicine or measurement on nuclear accelerators and reactors.

This award is manifestation of appreciation of his creative, precise and independent approach to solution of research projects, of his responsibility in work and his human qualities.

Congratulations !

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