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Institute of Measurement Science SAS Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)
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Center of Non-standard Measurements

Common laboratory of Institute of Measurement Science SAS, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava.

Common laboratory was established in 2005. The main reason for his creation was the fact that modern measuring methods and systems are increasingly sophisticated. Their development is contingent on cooperation of professionals of various speializations. For solving of common measuring problems the systematic methods, or even norms have been developed. However, contemporary science and technological processes bring non-standard measuring problems as for methods (e.g. evaluation of measured data) or also measuring systems (e.g. in the field of nanotechnology a.o.) that have to be solved in a non-standard way.

Activities of the Laboratory:

  • cooperation of pedagogical and research workers by graduate and PhD. studies guarantee in specializations measuring technology and metrology,
  • common solving of non-standard measuring problems, e.g. in geometric quantities region, in medicine, biology, standardization and etalon-science area,
  • common scientific projects proposing applying for grants of out-budgetary resources and European Union resources focused on solving definite, not common, measuring problems,
  • organization of common specialized seminars,
  • intensification of cooperation between educationalists and researchers,
  • providing tutorials focused on solving measuring problems in laboratories and industry
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