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Study program 5.2.54 "Measurement Technology"

Institute of Measurement Science SAS cooperates in realization of the study program "Measurement Technology" in the frame of the study field 5.2.54 "Measurement Technology" as an external educational institution of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Infromation Technology of the Slovak  University of Technology in Bratislava.


Study field 5.2.54 Measurement Technology belongs to the list of study fields prepared by Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, defined as field of knowledge (§ 50 par.1, Slovak Higher Education Act No. 131/2002) in which the graduate of the study program (§ 51 par.1, Slovak Higher Education Act  No. 131/2002) gains the professional ability / competency to perform his/her pimary career. The contents of the study program includes research and development of measuring devices and methods using electronic, information and communication technologies. These systems should provide acquisition of physical data from the environment in real time and with known metrological and reliability characteristics. These data are used for control, monitoring  and verification of selected prameters.


By decision of the minister of education dated on 3rd February 2016, the full/time (daily) and external study in the study field 5.2.54 "Measurement Technology" is accredited while it is practiced in agreement with the law.

Basic information

  • Guarantor of the study: Prof. Ing. Alexander Šatka, PhD.
  • Forms of the study: daily, full-time in 3 years, external in 4 years;
  • Obtained degree: PhD (Philosophiae Doctor);
  • Language of the study: Slovak/English (free) or English (paid).


Detailed information can be found in the  Study program  (in Slovak).

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Information about seminars of PhD students can be found in the section Seminars.

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