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Measuring, communication and information systems for monitoring the cardio-vacular risk in hypertension patients

Project of the Slovak Research and Development Agency (APVV) APVV-0513-10

Duration of the project: 05/2011 – 06/2014

Principal Investigator: doc. Ing. Milan Tyšler, CSc.
Arterial hypertension is a cardiovascular disorder affecting 20-50 % of the adult population in developed countries and increases significantly with age after 50. It is also a risk factor for developing coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. The aim of the project is research of methods and development of electronic measuring, communication and information systems for monitoring hypertensive patients and evaluation of the functional state of their heart. The goal is to find characteristics enabling to distinguish hypertensive myocardium without coronary involvement from that with an atherosclerotic plate. Using a computer model, relations between hypertension, heart electrophysiology and measurable biosignals will be investigated. Results will be compared with examinations using HR body surface potential mapping and MR imaging of the heart functional state and perfusion. On this basis suitable parameters for monitoring of patients and classification of their cardiovascular risk will be selected. In agreement with the objectives of the eHealth Program in Slovakia in the field of telemedicine services, the monitoring will be based on the development of Wireless Body Sensor Networks (WBSN) and information systems for decision support of the healthcare personel (CDSS). Interconnection of these concepts enables diagnostics and therapy of cardiac patients. System integration of telemedicine services with electronic health record (EHR) forms the basis for automated creation of records for risk patients.

Selected publications: 

1. SVEHLIKOVA Jana - TEPLAN Michal - TYSLER Milan: Identification of two lesions with local repolarization changes using two dipoles in inverse solution. Simulation study. Článok prijaté do časopisu Computers in Biology and Medicine.
2. TEPLAN, M. - ŠVEHLÍKOVÁ, J. - TYŠLER, M.: Assessment of the number of ischemic lesions from body surface potential maps. In: Electrocardiology 2014 - Proceedings of the 41st International Congress on Electrocardiology. Eds.: M. Tyšler, J. Švehlíková, L. Bachárová, K. Kozlíková. Institute of Measurement Science SAS, Bratislava 2014, 225-228. ISBN 978-80-969-672-7-8.
3. KAĽAVSKÝ, Peter - TYŠLER, Milan: Real-time visualization of multichannel ECG signals using a paralel programming approach. YBERC 2014: 6th Biomedical Engineering Conference of Young Biomedical Engineers and Researchers. Bratislava: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, 2014.

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