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Nondestructive analysis and testing of museum objects

Project MVTS COST G8

Project duration in SAV: 01/2002 - 06/2006

Head of the management committee: Prof. Annemie Adriaens

Head of the project in SAV and member of the manag. commitee: RNDr. Miroslav Hain



In the frame of the project nondestructive optical methods of testing of artistic works with subsequent digital image processing, i.e. infrared reflectography and ultraviolet fluorescence were theoretically and experimentally developed. These methods are suitable for underdrawings visualization, which have been covered, repainted or degraded in the course of time, e.g. text, signatures or dating, distinction of original and retouched parts of works of art and also their authenticity determination. In the last year of solving the project (2006), apart from further development of the methods mentioned above, the accent was put on the application of obtained information into application sphere, especially into the community of restorers of artistic works. Testing methods developed in IMS SAS has been applied in cooperation with the Chamber of Restorers, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and National Institute for Monuments Protection, SR by testing the artifacts of our cultural heritage, e.g. altar table paintings in Levoča, mural paintings in Banská Bystrica museum and others.

Application of infrared reflectography - underdrawing visualization:

cost1 cost2

Application of ultraviolet fluorescence - degraded text visualization:

cost3 cost4

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