Institute of Measurement Science

budovaInstitute of Measurement Science is a scientific institution of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Its activities encompass following basic domains of fundamental and applied research:

  • Measurement theory and mathematical- statistical methods for experimental results processing;
  • Systems for measuring of selected physical quantities;
  • Measuring systems for biomedicine, mathematical and computer modelling of bionic structures and processes, processing of biosignals;
  • Design of methods and measuring systems for non-standard problems of measurement in science and industry. Development and realization of unique measuring systems as materialized result of scientific research activity.

EU_logosSince 2009 the Institute participated in several projects that allowed to exploit the support from the European Regional Development Fund. The Institute was a partner in projects CENTE and CENTE IICEKOMAT and CEKOMAT II, Center of Competence for New Materials, Advanced Technologies and Power Engineering, University Research Park for Biomedicine Bratislava.