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Registration Fee

The PROBASTAT 2011 registration fee consists of the following parts:

  • conference fee,
  • meals,
  • accommodation.

We recommend that participants pay the full registration fee by one payment (money bank transfer) in advance. However, payment for meals and accommodation in the Castle can be paid later or at registration (cash only).

PROBASTAT conference fee

  • The regular conference fee is 150 EUR to be paid before May 15, 2011. The conference fee covers the conference materials, refreshments, social program, and conference proceedings, to be prepared and distributed after the conference.
  • After May 15, 2011, the late conference fee is 180 EUR.
  • The reduced conference fee is 70 EUR to be paid before February 28, 2011. Applicable only for students, members of the Union of Czech and Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists.
  • The regular conference fee for each accompanying person is 30 EUR, except children younger than 10 years.

Meals at the castle restaurant

  • The price for regular meals during the Conference is 110 EUR. 
  • The price of the Conference Dinner is 20 EUR. 

Accommodation in the Castle

Participants of PROBASTAT 2011 will be accommodated in the Castle. The number of one-bed rooms is limited, so the typical accommodation will be in two-bed or three-bed (shared) rooms.

The price for accommodation in Smolenice Castle is:

  • 90 EUR / apartment / two beds / one night
  • 55 EUR / one-bed room / one bed / one night
  • 45 EUR / shared two-bed room / one bed / one night
  • 35 EUR / shared three-bed room / one bed / one night

As the capacity of the Castle is limited, please return the filled in the registration form as soon as possible.

Since the number of one-bed rooms in the Castle is limited, participants will have to share rooms with friends/colleagues. If you have a preference, indicate on the registration form with whom you would like to share a room. Regarding room assignment, contact directly Viktor Witkovsky ( This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ). Payment for accommodation will be also accepted at registration.

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