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Research into dynamical methods of biosignal analysis and bio-inspired pattern recognition

Project of the Scientific Grant Agency VEGA 2/0043/13

Project duration: 07/2011 - 10/2015

Principal investigator: prof. RNDr. Ing. Ivan Bajla, CSc.


The project is oriented towards the methods for complex time series analysis that are inspired by the theory of nonlinear dynamic systems, the research into biologically inspired hierarchical network models of pattern recognition, and the other complex network models. The main goals are: -optimization of the reconstruction of the dynamics of the underlying systems in multi-dimensional state space and design of novel algorithms of time series prediction and noise reduction, -extension of the biologically inspired network model of HTM (Hierarchical Temporal Memory), -study of interconnection of visual recognition with attention that will improve positional and scale invariances of pattern recognition. The methods will be applied to one- and multi-dimensional biosignals and to other experimental data with recognizable deterministic features, as well as to clustering and recognition of multi-dimensional time series and gray-level visual scenes with objects in clutter environment. 

Selected publications

  1. MOLČAN, L. - TEPLAN, M. - VESELÁ, A. - ZEMAN, M.: The long-term effects of phase advance shifts of photoperiod on cardiovascular parameters as measured by radiotelemetry in rats. Physiological Measurement 34, 2013, s.1623-1632. (CC)
  2. VALENTÍN, K. - MALÝ, M.: Network firewall using artificial neural networks. Computing and Informatics, 2013, 32, s.1001-1016. (CC)
  3. HORNIŠOVÁ, K. - BILLIK, P.: Some properties of horn equation model of ultrasonic system vibration and of transfer matrix and equivalent circuit methods of its solution. Ultrasonics 54, 2014, s. 330-342. (CC)
  4. KÖNING, R. -- WIMMER, G. - WITKOVSKÝ, V.: Ellipse fitting by nonlinear constraints to demodulate quadrature homodyne interferometer signals and to determine the statistical uncertainty of the interferometric phase. Measurement Science and Technology 25 (Number 11, November 2014 ), 2014, 115001 (11pp), DOI:10.1088/0957-0233/25/11/115001. (CC)
  5. STRBAK, O. - KRAFCIK, A. - TEPLAN, M. - GOGOLA, D. - KOPCANSKY, P. - FROLLO, I.: Biogenic Magnetite Nanoparticle Ensemble Use in MRI Diagnostics. Acta Physica Polonica A 126 (Number 1), 2014, s.388-389, DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.126.388. (CC)
  6. CHVOSTEKOVÁ, M.: Simultaneous two-sided tolerance intervals for a univariate linear regression model. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods 42 (7), 2013, s.1145-1152. (WoS)
  7. CHVOSTEKOVÁ, M.: Two-sided Tolerance Intervals in a Simple Linear Regression. Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 52 (2), 2013, s.31-41. (WoS)
  8. TEPLAN, M. - KRAKOVSKÁ, A. - ŠPAJDEL, M.: Spectral EEG Features of a Short Psycho-physiological Relaxation. Measurement Science Review. 14 (4), 2014, 237-242 (WoS).
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