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Advanced statistical and computational methods for measurement and metrology (MATHMET)

Project of the Slovak Research and Development Agency (APVV) APVV-15-0295

Project duration: 07/2016 – 06/2020

Principal investigator: Doc. RNDr. Viktor Witkovský, CSc.


The aim of the project is to develop mathematical and statistical methods and algorithms for evaluation of the measurement results with emphasis on the development of models and methods for multivariate calibration of measuring devices and methods and algorithms for determining the uncertainties in measurement by deriving the exact resp. approximate probability distributions of the measurement results. Research will focus primarily on he following areas:

  • Theoretical research on mathematical and statistical models and methods for multivariate calibration;
  • Development of calibration theory of the sensors and transducers, uncertainty determination in calibration of sensor under the normally distributed measurement errors as well as under the alternative probability distributions of measurement errors, development of procedures for calibration and measurement evaluation useful in laboratory work, evaluation of sensor calibration in the thermal and mechanical quantities with continuous scale (pressure transmitter, thermocouple temperature sensors , resistance thermometers, etc.), and determination of the calibration values of the physico-chemical parameters by using the certified reference materials;
  • Development of methods and algorithms to determine the exact resp. approximate probability distribution of measurement results by combining and inverting the characteristic functions of the probability distributions of the input variables and characterizing uncertainty in metrology. The application of the mathematical, statistical, and computational methods for the measurement science and metrology is high on the agenda, with a significant impact on the international scientific as well as industrial cooperation and economic growth in developed countries. It is in good agreement with the intentions of the strategy for research and development, approved by the Slovak government (SK RIS3).
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